The Future is Now

Ever since modern travel got started
Kuoni has been a mover.
Can we still fulfill the expectations?
Yes, we can!


Kuoni’s Brand Report intends to inspire a process of reflection – about the company itself as well as about the future of travel. Discern the thought processes of our company and under- stand what we do and how we do it.

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Kuoni is first and foremost emphasising the traveller's individual experience. Discover this in innovative products, well-designed Flagship Stores, new types of advisory tools and adapted forms of communication.

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There’s no expectation without knowledge – and Kuoni needs to know your expectations. So let’s open the dialogue. Our online editorial gives you an insider view on changing topics – and the opportunity to comment. 

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We continue to receive plenty of praise for our innovative concepts and for the way we communicate. The latest example: Kuoni’s  Annual Reports 2010 and 2011 both won the German Design Award 2013.

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