Where Will the Journey Lead?

A thorough knowledge of
its own commodity is necessary
for any business enterprise.
Tourism is an intensively researched field of trend and future analysts, theories and forecasts, manifestos and proclamations. It has been a long time, however, since any objective attempt was made to understand it.

For its Brand Report 2010 Kuoni took a different approach in attempting a phenomenology of leisure travel: The inception and sense of tourism in its entirety was to be considered.

From here, the project turned to the important thinkers on travel – the writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger, who was first to articulate a comprehensive critique of tourism; Joseph Vogel, a cultural studies scholar devoted to the links between culture and economics; Orhan Pamuk, the Nobel Prize winner who examines travel from the outlook of a young man from Istanbul.

Over two dozen intellectual contributions came together as a result, some more theoretical, others more narrative, all of them without a similar model in the debate on tourism during the past decades. The resulting arguments and ideas, essays and commentaries take the form of articles in a newspaper: “A Better Tomorrow”, Kuoni’s Brand Report 2010.

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