Building a World of Travel

“The number of rebranding cases we deal with every year is nothing short of an international branding agency.”
The Kuoni Group embodies a world of over 40 individual brands that respond to the many different travel needs of our customers. Clearly positioned brand personalities and the perfect interplay between master brand and sub-brands are essential for the effectiveness and success of this “architecture”.

Kuoni is using many different criteria to review all its brands in terms of values, target groups and brand promises. It then sharpens their individual characters, and refines the associated products and services so that these brands stand out clearly from our competitors and point the way to the future.

Our expertise, combining industry and brand knowledge, gives us a distinct competitive advantage. The rebranding process has become part of the Kuoni Design Team's daily routine. Every new brand presents them with a new challenge, which they overcome using an intelligent and efficiently-designed process.

The result is a brand portfolio that brings customers added value, and in which each brand contributes to the further growth of the company.

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