Let’s Talk About Travel

It is in exchange that individuals
find their identity.
And the same applies to
any company.
Kuoni has set up its annual Getaway Council to engage with a widely diverse range of opinions, attitudes and point of views. By talking to visionaries from various disciplines and from all wakes of life, Kuoni get to look way beyond the perimeter of their own industry. This is how visions happen - and it is through this that Kuoni establishes itself as a distincitve brand amongst brands.


Kuoni’s first Getaway Council in May 2008 was established to mark a specific occasion: we wanted to find a new concept for the face of Kuoni in its centenary year. We gathered with protagonists from the fields of fashion, pop culture and music in Zurich to think about travel of today and of the future. The event was devoted to the topic of “new luxury”.


In October 2008, the Getaway Council moved to London and took up position within the context of contemporary art at the Serpentine Gallery. The aim was to be so experimental and progressive that even the most extreme possibilities of travel could become discernible. Read more about it here.

Just a few months later, Kuoni was partner in an extraordinary Ganges expedition – from its source in the Himalayas to its delta on the Indian Ocean. In Calcutta, we took the opportunity to ask the participants about their experiences, about making sacrifices, unusual encounters, unfamiliar food and the luxury of doing without things. Read more.


In 2010, we chose to establish intellectual and literary conditions. We wanted to engage in critical analysis and research in Venice, in far greater depth than is usual practice within the travel industry. Philosophers and cultural critics came together to create the foundations of a comprehensive contemplation about tourism. Consulting intellectual contributions from seminal thinkers such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger or Orhan Pamuk gave rise to a theory of travel. Read more.

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