The Venice Protocol 2010

In the Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Venice’s venerable town library, the third Getaway Council convened for its discussions on the future of travel. (In front: Simonetta Carbonaro, Thomas Steinfeld. In the back: Remo Masala, Wolfgang Scheppe).


Simonetta Carbonaro is an essayist and professor of humanist marketing at Borås University in Sweden. She serves as a member of the Domus Academy Scientific Committee in Milan and also manages the consulting firm Realise, specialised in the psychology of consumption.


Wolfgang Scheppe is a philosopher, artist and curator. He teaches at universities in Venice and Lucerne. His latest publication is “Done. Book: Picturing the City” (Stuttgart 2010), which accompanied his exhibition for the British Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale. He lives in Zurich and Venice.


The literary critic works as a senior editor at Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich and is a professor of cultural studies at the University of Lucerne. He has lived in Sweden and Canada. His most recent publication is the style guide “Der Sprachverführer” (Hanser, 2010).


Remo Masala has been in various Senior Marketing positions in the Tourism Industry. As CMO of he has developed various hotel concepts, e.g. “25 hours hotel” and “Superbude” in Hamburg. As a freelancer he was a consultant for several global brands, e.g. BMW/Mini, Microsoft, Bacardi and Marlboro. 2007 he joined the Kuoni Group in Zurich, where his function today is Chief Branding and Marketing Officer.

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