Kuoni as a Luxury Article at Browns

How do you convince people who have already been everywhere and got everything that they still need a particular suit and should go on our particular holidays? Let others be the judge of that.

Thomas Erber gives Kuoni trips the "must-have" label in his "Cabinet de Curiosités": The right holiday for the right suit – the right holiday for a modern, sophisticated lifestyle. This is the philosophy behind our being in Europe's leading concept stores.

Especially for the second "Cabinet de Curiosités" at Browns, London, Thomas Erber and Kuoni designed two tailor-made holidays for people who are short on time and seek casual luxury, but who still want to experience the extraordinary.


A ten day journey leads along the Uruguayan coast. A mesmerizing and romantic road trip that slowly unveils the mysteries and wonders of a land that is yet to be fully discovered.


A magical, adventurous family trip goes to the heart of rugged but soulful Namibia. Travellers will venture away from the famous Skeleton Coast to the untouched Namib Desert, where safaris are still real and wild. They will be accompanied by dedicated and knowledgeable local people who will help them to experience the real Namibia.

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