No Limits -- Start Dreaming!

Kuoni is continuously exchanging ideas
with the leading minds
from the worlds of arts and culture.
We are a premium service provider who offers more than just traditional holiday travel: we want to play a role in shaping the future world of travel — just like we have been doing over the last 100 years.

The future world of travel can only develop if we communicate with the different players who are responsible for shaping the cultural identity of our times. Exchanging ideas with artists and creative minds gives us the opportunity to think beyond borders and to adopt a completely new approach to travel.


Internationally celebrated artists like Thukral and Tagra are sources of inspiration as well as role models for Kuoni. They think and act globally and are proud of the cultural uniqueness of their home country of India – a land where Kuoni has long felt at home and to which it has strong emotional ties.

The two artists have created five wonderful pieces of art for Kuoni that focus on dreams and travel. They have combined these with their own imagery using photographs from the Kuoni Ganges Expedition 2009.

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