A New Way of Travel

ananea [ananéosis (GR): renewal]

Unforgettable nature, authentic encounters, respectful travel and the opportunity to get involved: that’s what ananea stands for. This unique sustainable product line was launched by Kuoni Switzerland in 2008. Since 2013 our Swiss Specialist Cotravel offers ananea as part of its product line. Kuoni UK also offers ananea travels and volunteering programs.

ananea offers unusual travel experiences along with a carefully-chosen selection of hotels that boast particularly strong sustainability credentials. The whole programme is geared to ensuring responsible travel that is enjoyable, relaxing and offers all the usual Kuoni comforts.

ananea travellers enjoy deep insights into unknown lifestyles, meet local people and learn more about how to maintain a caring and sustainable relationship with the nature they experience. In Vietnam, for instance, our customers go with the Green Cross organisation to visit rehabilitation centres for those still suffering from the consequences of the Vietnam War, and see and feel through moving personal contacts just how vital this aid work is. In Peru, to take another example, they see how the local craftspeople and alpaca farmers are being given a brighter future through the support of the Caritas-Fairtrade organisation.

ananea Voluntourism: Getting involved

Personal responsibility and social justice are gaining increasing importance in our society. Even while on holiday, more and more people have the desire to engage with and contribute to the cultures they meet along the way. To provide such customers with the possibility to do just that, Kuoni UK has significantly expanded its sustainable product line ananea with a volunteering program. Clients now have the opportunity to engage with renowned scientists and non-government organisations in diverse social or nature and wildlife conservation projects worldwide during their holidays.

The ananea Volunteer Travel programme is unique in its commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage, the protection of marine wildlife and the preservation of biodiversity in threatened regions. In designing the Volunteer Travel programme, we have worked exclusively with highly reputable partners and organisations with many years of experience in the project countries. This guarantees that the traveler’s social commitment during the holidays is meaningful and valuable. A major partner includes, for example, the Earthwatch Institute, an international environmental charity which engages people worldwide in scientific research and education to promote better understanding for a sustainable environment.

Volunteer Travel opportunities are available in projects in Madagascar, South Africa, Peru and Thailand. Wildlife conservation projects include, for example, volunteering in Madagascar’s unique environment and assist in monitoring its enigmatic predator – the cat-like fosa – to help protect its fragile island habitat. Engagement in environmental protection is also possible with a riverboat expedition along the Peruvian Amazon to learn about and contribute towards conservation efforts within the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. Customers interested in working in a social project can, for example, teach English to children, learn local art craft and contribute to farming in the North of Thailand.

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