The Kuoni Stakeholder Process

To further develop a dynamic exchange with external interest groups, in 2010 Kuoni launched a dialogue campaign involving a small "Inner Circle" and a "Wider Circle" of stakeholders. Twice a year, the "Inner Circle" takes a critical look at how Kuoni’s sustainability strategy is being implemented and advises the company on how it could be improved. The aim of this body is to further integrate CR into the company’s strategies, policies and activities.

The "Wider Circle" meets once a year to discuss a specific theme and to suggest concrete opportunities for action. These two groups are made up of internal and external stakeholders, including CR specialists and experts from universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations. The first such workshop was conducted in 2011 along the theme of “Freshwater and Tourism”. The topic is central to our company. While other sectors, such as agriculture, have a higher water consumption, water scarcity and managing water supplies are problems in many destinations. In a recently published survey, for example, 53% of hotel owners reported that water shortages were already affecting their business (World Travel Market, 2007).

Approximately 30 representatives and experts from external organizations such as the World Water Council, the Gender and Water Alliance and the United Nations Environment Programme participated in the workshop, giving fruitful inputs and contributing to possible strategic actions.

Four key areas for approaching the topic were identified, namely standards for the supply chain, customer awareness and education, technological solutions, and water footprinting and accounting methodologies. A subsequent risk analysis pinpointed areas of high passenger volume and water scarcity based on statistics from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Global Water Tool. As a result, Egypt and Kenya were selected as initial destinations for intervention.  Following a workshop with key suppliers in Kenya, Kuoni entered into collaboration with 5 hoteliers to gauge current water consumption and implement water saving technologies. A best-practice manual based on this collaboration is expected to be published in early 2013.

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