Travelife - the Seal of Approval

Kuoni is committed to continuously enhance the sustainability of its products. A major focus thereby is on improving the sustainability performance of our hotel partners.  The environmental impact of the accommodation is second only to that of the customers’ flight. Further, the way a hotel is managed largely influences working conditions, impacts local nature conservation and affects how local communities benefit from tourism. Hotels are thus key partners in increasing the sustainability of our travel products.

Kuoni suppliers are required to comply with certain ethical standards as laid down in the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct. However, collaboration with hotels goes beyond minimal standards to create products that reflect high levels of sustainability. To this purpose Kuoni works with the Travelife Sustainability System, a joint initiative by a number of tour operators around the globe to raise the sustainability performance of hotels.

The Travelife Concept

The Travelife concept enables a wide range of standardised social and environmental sustainability criteria to be maintained and monitored at hotels worldwide. Hotels observing the standards are awarded the Travelife Gold, Silver or Bronze label, enabling their achievement to be clearly communicated to Kuoni customers. The standards required in each of these categories become steadily more demanding for the Travelife Bronze, Silver and Gold awards (scroll down to read more about the different award levels).

Communicating sustainable hotels to our customers

The Travelife awards are displayed in the brochures and websites of Kuoni Switzerland, Helvetic Tours Switzerland and Kuoni UK. The scope is continuously increased to further business units. Further, we strive towards increasing the range of sustainable hotels on offer as well as to enhance the labeling in our print and online customer communication.

Travelife Bronze

A Travelife Bronze award will be bestowed, for example, on a hotel which pays all its employees at least the national minimum wage, which makes efforts to protect children and adolescents from commercial sexual exploitation (by taking preventive action and sensitising its own personnel) further, a Bronze awarded hotel saves water and energy and reduces waste as much as possible.

Travelife Silver

To earn the Travelife Silver award, a hotel will not only have to meet all the standards required for Travelife Bronze (see above); it will also need to have designated an employee each to implement its social and environmental strategies. On top of this, it will need to procure most of its goods from local (rather than international) producers to benefit the local economy.

Travelife Gold

In addition to meeting all the Travelife Bronze and Silver criteria, any hotel aspiring to the Travelife Gold award will need to produce regular reports of its positive and negative effects on the local people and environment. In doing so, the hotel will be demonstrating to a broader public that it attaches the highest of priorities to its sustainability performance and credentials.

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