Corporate Responsibility


Kuoni’s value chain consists of several thousand independent companies as well as own operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Supporting and encouraging the different members of our value chain to improve their sustainability performance is one of our most important aims – as well as, due to its complexity, one of our greatest challenges.

Monitoring the sustainability performance of all core properties

Kuoni has 16 staff trained as Travelife auditors who have monitored all core hotel partners – constituting several hundred suppliers worldwide. These core properties cover more than 25% of the passenger volume of the Outbound Europe Division of the Kuoni Group. The hotels fulfil the minimum standards set in the Kuoni Supplier Code of Conduct, and are audited according to the Travelife Sustainability System, an internationally recognised certification scheme for sustainable tourism. On the whole, 90 core properties have achieved award level, which means that 7% of Kuoni’s bednight-volume are in hotels with certified sustainability performance. Through Travelife, hotels are supported in improving their sustainability performance as each audited hotel receives a list with suggestions for improvements and is directed to further help online.

Supporting suppliers at key destinations

Kuoni contributes to capacity building not only through Travelife (see above), but also through workshops for its key suppliers in the destinations. In 2011, Kuoni organised and supported workshops in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Kenya. It has also continued its partnership with local NGOs in Bulgaria, India and South Africa, which further support hotel partners in these destinations.

Active participation in the Travelife Sustainability System

Kuoni is an active member of the Travelife steering committee and contributes its expertise and time to the development of this industry-wide certification system for sustainable tourism. Kuoni supports Travelife in this critical phase, whereby the scheme is transforming itself from a second party to a third-party monitoring system and which entails a criteria review. The company also encourages and supports Travelife in becoming accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. Kuoni sees benefits from being actively involved in Travelife: The multi-stakeholder approach of the criteria review committee and the exchange between the Travelife experts and representatives from other European tour operators and NGOs spurs further progress towards sustainability within the whole industry.

Integration of sustainable supply chain management

The Supplier Code of Conduct is now integrated in more than 90% of all contracts of the Kuoni Procurement and Production Unit for the Outbound Europe Division (leisure travel) as well as in the destination management specialists. All staff responsible for procurement and contracting at the Outbound Europe Division have been trained in sustainable supply chain management and the minimum sustainability standards for hotels as described in the Supplier Code of Conduct.